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H-P’s BOGIE on 3-PAR

Posted by From The Side Lamps Glow on September 3, 2010

It was very interesting to follow the 10 day long professional takeover duel between H-P Co. and Dell Inc.  In the end it was H-P who won over Dell by scoring a bogie to scoop the deal. The 2.1 billion / $33 a share offer by H-P was almost twice the initial offer of $1.1 billion put forward by Dell.

Few facts standout in this interesting deal-

1. Businesses will see how cloud computing concepts and corresponding storage mechanisms will play a major role in company’s future strategies.

2. Acquisitions seem to be catching on. Couple of day’s back we saw Intel taking over Infineon and McAfee.

3. H-P showed its courage and ability to maneuver fast putting aside all the other things going on in the company. (Mark Hurd’s departure)

Overall as the suspense unfolded, questions remain as to see how H-P will use this acquisition to increase its overall numbers. It is still to be seen how H-P will reap the benefits of its acquisition of PALM.


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