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Run-up to the 1st day of classes…

Posted by From The Side Lamps Glow on September 18, 2010

Passed the last week on making some preparations for school. Completed the immunization requirements, re-visited the curriculum and class schedule.
Finally, I met with one of the alumni’s (Evening MBA Grad) and got some words of wisdom. This meeting was very informative, specially because the individual confirmed my choise to go to Foster school of business as a good decision. We also talked about classes, professor’s things to do etc etc.
Received the 3rd newsletter from MBA office. Everyone seems to be busy preparing for the orientation, grand opening of school and also the new building (Paccar Hall).  ePRIME as the orientation is called seems to be very intense and fun-filled 2 days. Cleaned up my LinkedIn profile to reflect my most latest status (MBA Candidate..:)). Still haven’t finalized my laptop deal.
By the way there are two interesting aspects that I noticed this week, first being the way sections were made (Purple & Gold) that closely resembled the tradition followed at LSU (I am in Section Purple) and the second and important one being that the 1st assignment for my MBA program is due on the first day of class for accounting course.
How interesting…. totally look forward for the classes to start.


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